Google…, What Happen With You Babe!!!

Trojan Detected

Every time I visit the Search Engine Google, every time it is also Anti Virus in my laptop detected a Trojan activity. Simply put people now prefer to mention the name “virus” in general, although there is a more specific name.
Does Google know the Trojan activity on their web pages? I hope that Google already knows this and promptly to take appropriate steps to address and anticipate these problems. Hopefully, let us pray.

Google’s development from the beginning appeared in the Internet world, often face the problem. As the most popular search engine, which bring Google into internet-based conglomerate, there are many innovations that have been done by Google in an effort to increase profits and improve service quality. Dealing with viruses, Google has experienced this one affair. Now, matters are again present. Hopefully the Google reading this article.

About Trojan Detected Info

In addition, the accuracy of the results of the search engine Google are increasingly declining. I do not know what happened, the search results that are not associated with the Keywords that are used instead appears in the vanguard of the search results. Does this also escaped the attention of the Google?