Google…, What Happen With You Babe!!!

Trojan Detected

Every time I visit the Search Engine Google, every time it is also Anti Virus in my laptop detected a Trojan activity. Simply put people now prefer to mention the name “virus” in general, although there is a more specific name.
Does Google know the Trojan activity on their web pages? I hope that Google already knows this and promptly to take appropriate steps to address and anticipate these problems. Hopefully, let us pray.

Google’s development from the beginning appeared in the Internet world, often face the problem. As the most popular search engine, which bring Google into internet-based conglomerate, there are many innovations that have been done by Google in an effort to increase profits and improve service quality. Dealing with viruses, Google has experienced this one affair. Now, matters are again present. Hopefully the Google reading this article.

About Trojan Detected Info

In addition, the accuracy of the results of the search engine Google are increasingly declining. I do not know what happened, the search results that are not associated with the Keywords that are used instead appears in the vanguard of the search results. Does this also escaped the attention of the Google?


FPI Protested to Q Film Festival

Q Film Festival Organizing reap the protests of the FPI (Islamic Defenders Front). FPI objected and refused to playback movies on the theme of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transsexual (LGBT) in the festival.

Despite the controversy, the festival has the support of Indonesian filmmakers. The statement was submitted in support of the official Twitter Q Film Festival;

Lukman Sardi “As long as they have the intellect and heart msh Mark ill will commit violence, but judging from the fact whether it is owned by them?”

Nia Dinata “Sending positive energy to my friends at @QFilmFestival hopefully incoming threats, not a reality. ”

Organizers Q Film Festival, is still in its official Twitter, said the situation was calm and safe again, “The situation at the Goethe Haus is back to normal. Okay, the movie screening at the Goethe for today will still run as scheduled!! And other events too here still held.”

New Tricks of Tifatul Sembiring to Blocking Porn Site

Blocking sites that have pornographic content has reached 90%. “The problem of blocking pornographic content on the internet was 90 percent blocked,” said Minister of Communications and Information Technology (Communication and Information Minister), Tifatul Sembiring, after attending a celebration of Bakti Posts and Telecommunications in Bandung. After each operator requires Internet service providers to block sites that have pornographic content, the Minister of Communications and Information, Tifatul Sembiring, issued a new moment that is “Giving gifts to people who reported finding sites that have pornographic content.” This is as one of the innovations that were presented in an attempt to block porn sites.

Israel protested to Barack Obama

Support the United States president, Barack Obama, on the construction of mosques in the area of the former World Trade Center ruins, known as Ground Zero, which later caused controversy in Manhattan.
Support was also received protest from Israel because Barack Obama prohibit the construction of Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip, but allows the construction of a mosque on Ground Zero.
Prohibition of Jewish settlement construction is not without reason, that if such settlement will be built will switch its name to Judea and Samaria.

Malaysia People do not Hate Indonesia

This statement Dato ‘Seri Anwar Ibrahim (former deputy prime minister of Malaysia and Malaysia’s opposition leader), “Not true when there is a statement the majority of Malaysians hate towards Indonesia”
Dato ‘Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s visit to Indonesia to give a public lecture titled “Political Reform and Democratization in Malaysia to Indonesia-Malaysia Friendship equivalents” held by Soegeng Sarjadi School of Government.
Dato ‘Seri Anwar Ibrahim added that the media in Malaysia have never spread the news that denigrate the image of Indonesia.
In a public lecture about a half hour, he also conveyed a sense of regret and disappointment towards improving relations between Indonesia-Malaysia tensions following the arrest of employees of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of Indonesia by Malaysian Army. “I am very concerned,” he said.
He called repeatedly in a “blog” and social networking sites Twitter, questioned why the leaders of both countries to delay the meeting to resolve the problem.
“As soon finish! The issue is complicated, is not likely go away. At least, the leader can give a sign to defuse the situation,” she said firmly.
Members Pakatan Rakyat Malaysia Party leader explained that Malaysia did not also allowed to insult other nations, including Indonesia.
“There is no insult to the constitution to allow another nation,” he said.
For Dato ‘Seri Anwar Ibrahim personally, crimes against Indonesian workers by Malaysian citizens is shameful action.
Dato ‘Seri Anwar Ibrahim called on the relationships among nations allied relations with abandon pride in each, thus forming a strong network of friendship.
“Should we try to network directly from all circles in Indonesia with the people of Malaysia without official ties bound the two governments.”