Malaysia People do not Hate Indonesia

This statement Dato ‘Seri Anwar Ibrahim (former deputy prime minister of Malaysia and Malaysia’s opposition leader), “Not true when there is a statement the majority of Malaysians hate towards Indonesia”
Dato ‘Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s visit to Indonesia to give a public lecture titled “Political Reform and Democratization in Malaysia to Indonesia-Malaysia Friendship equivalents” held by Soegeng Sarjadi School of Government.
Dato ‘Seri Anwar Ibrahim added that the media in Malaysia have never spread the news that denigrate the image of Indonesia.
In a public lecture about a half hour, he also conveyed a sense of regret and disappointment towards improving relations between Indonesia-Malaysia tensions following the arrest of employees of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of Indonesia by Malaysian Army. “I am very concerned,” he said.
He called repeatedly in a “blog” and social networking sites Twitter, questioned why the leaders of both countries to delay the meeting to resolve the problem.
“As soon finish! The issue is complicated, is not likely go away. At least, the leader can give a sign to defuse the situation,” she said firmly.
Members Pakatan Rakyat Malaysia Party leader explained that Malaysia did not also allowed to insult other nations, including Indonesia.
“There is no insult to the constitution to allow another nation,” he said.
For Dato ‘Seri Anwar Ibrahim personally, crimes against Indonesian workers by Malaysian citizens is shameful action.
Dato ‘Seri Anwar Ibrahim called on the relationships among nations allied relations with abandon pride in each, thus forming a strong network of friendship.
“Should we try to network directly from all circles in Indonesia with the people of Malaysia without official ties bound the two governments.”

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